2017 Cleaning Crew

2017 Cleaning Crew

Thank you for your interest in being part of the Natural Event POO CREW!
Natural Event is a premium service provider for events, festivals and gatherings where people poo!

In 2016 we provided 1111 compost loos at Glastonbury Festival in June and more than 1200 at Boomtown Fair in August, plus lots of loos across the UK in between. It’s something we’re really proud of and we’re excited to have your interest in becoming part of the team that makes these the best festival loos experienced ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

As a member of the Poo Crew you will receive much praise and appreciation from the public as you maintain the loos. You also have the opportunity to actively engage and participate in our mission, “changing the world from the bottom up”.

Natural Event takes pride in providing a unique and very high standard toilet experience. We take our job very seriously, whilst also having a lot of fun. We ask that you take pride in the work you do, pay attention to detail, and leave any concepts of shame or fear behind!

Your tasks will be to;

• keep the loos odour free (if there is smell, add sawdust)
• keep the loos clean & tidy (inside cubicle, front of house and back of house)
• keep the toilet paper stocked
• keep the sawdust loose and ready for filling into disposable cups
• making sure the sawdust cups are in good order/replaced/available
• talking to festival attendees about the compost toilets, the need to add sawdust and the environmental benefits

A demonstration of the system and cleaning method will be detailed at the induction session on site.

It is expected that you will be punctual to your shifts and in a fit state to carry out the tasks required to uphold Natural Event; Safety, Hygiene and Service Standards. Be in a positive and energetic frame of mind. Have fun!

You would be working at the toilets and common sense and some science is behind staying clean, hygienic and healthy! You’ll be provided gloves, and access to hand sanitiser, running water and showers. We use only environmentally sound chemical free cleaning products.

Shifts will vary at each event, dependent on the operating hours of the event and the requirements of our contact. There may be some early mornings and late nights. Staff are required to do the shifts allocated to them. There is some scope to swap shifts and request specific shifts. The number of hours required by volunteers will be a reflection of the ticket price of the festival against our usual hourly pay rate for cleaners. Paid cleaners will have the chance to maximise hours at events where shifts are available.